How To Get A College Football Scholarship

Posted on March 5, 2013


Anthony Ferla was a member of the Temple University Owls Football team from 2006 to 2009. He was a three-year starter in the defensive backfield, and he was the first sophomore captain in school history. Anthony Ferla was a superb high school athlete and he has a few tips for players interested in getting a college scholarship to play football.

The number one piece of advice Anthony Ferla has is to be proactive in your search. Create a list of football programs you’re interested in, gather their contact information, and reach out to the coaches. Simply hoping to be “discovered” won’t get you as many options as possible, if any at all. Contacting coaches will put you on the radar of schools that may be interested.

Once you have developed a clear idea of what schools are your top candidates, Anthony Ferla suggests learning the requirements for becoming academically eligible under the rules of the NCAA or NAIA. Both associations have a guide for the college-bound student-athlete. Be sure to read whichever is relevant to you and plan your future academics accordingly.

Being proactive and developing relationships with coaches could lead you to multiple scholarship offers. Anthony Ferla went on to be a part of Temple University’s best football team in 30 years, and he actively worked with high-school athletes to help better their performance on the field.

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