Anthony Ferla on Reasons to Work Out with a Personal Trainer

Posted on November 16, 2012


A graduate of Temple University, Anthony Ferla played football in the school’s Division I program and competed in a bowl game toward the end of his collegiate career. While Anthony Ferla continues to assist the Temple football team, he previously spent a summer as a Personal Trainer at K Strength Training in Wayne, New Jersey.

Some individuals find exercise a challenge. Personal trainers can assist new and experienced athletes in a number of areas. Below, I outline some of the advantages of getting in shape with the aid of a personal trainer.

1. Safety. Personal trainers bring experience to their students. They can advise on proper form and technique, as well as how to build endurance and avoid injuries.
2. Tenacity. Finding the motivation to work out can be difficult at times. Knowing you have a set time to meet a personal trainer can help.
3. Weight loss. Personal trainers know which exercises bring the best results. They select activities that work specific muscle groups and aid in burning fat.
4. Customization. When guiding clients with special medical concerns, such as diabetes and arthritis, some personal trainers can provide extra advice about exercise and diet.
5. Progress. Personal trainers have consulted with numerous clients and can provide assistance when they notice you have reached a plateau in your workout.

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