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Posted on August 2, 2012


Anthony Ferla Link

Starting in a new industry can be one of the most fun and challenging things to do in life.  As we grow old we realize that work is something that is a necessity.  Myself Anthony Ferla feels that work is a relationship.  That finding the right work enviroment and intangibles to make your relationship work.  Anthony Ferla was currently in the produce business.  He had many different roles that he was involved in.  Anthony Ferla was involved in creating the companies website, dealing with the day to day operations, and also selling produce. 

The life as a produce salesmen can be promising, but it is also a stressful job.  Their are a lot of factors that have to play in.  The people that can maintain and sell produce year in and year out are people that do fairly well for themselves.  Going to work everyday Anthony Ferla would see these great cars from the salesmen, from an escalade to a Camaro SS, a Hummer.  All very prestigious cars, being young and new to the business Anthony Ferla was very excited about this new possible career.  Seeing these cars everyday and breaking it down to the fact that all they were doing is selling fruits and veggies.  Seemed like a pretty good gig for Anthony Ferla.

Over the course of 8 months, it was not the life he wanted to live.  The Florida life style was not for him, Anthony Ferla being born and raised in New Jersey.  The two different cultures did not mix very well.  While everyone being nice for the most part a lot of his co-workers were not very welcoming and saw Anthony Ferla as this “Yankee” from the North and they did not want anything to do with him. 

He roughed it out for 8 months and came to the conclusion that this business was not the life for him.  With having a good resume, he than spent weeks applying for jobs all over the internet.  Anthony Ferla knew that his arrival back home was in the near  future.   He had another year of experience on his resume and was in charge of multiple things.  He recieved 4 interviews which 3-4 led to job offers.  He than sat down and made an educated decision based upon the relationship status mentioned earlier.  Anthony Ferla now works for a retail marketting company that has been in business for 52 years.

Being back home and in an enviroment he was born in raised in terms of culture.  Anthony Ferla was very pleased to see that he was able to land a job and find a good relationship called work.


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