Anthony Ferla: Critical Thought

Posted on June 18, 2012


Anthony Ferla knows the power and importance of critical thinking and looking beyond the noise for the news.  One side effect of the explosion of social media has been the casual ingestion and regurgitation of opinions in the form of photos and incorrectly attributed quotes.  Because it is so easy to click “share” or “forward”, many do without further research and education into the core issue.  This often results in incomplete and or incorrect information making rounds in waves.
Ferla knows the dangers of these.  Consider the number of pictures circulating Facebook indicating that by liking or sharing the photo a certain number of times, a child will receive an organ transplant.  There is absolutely no basis for these photos, but they flood newsfeeds everyday.  Or the recent tweets of a comedian pretending to be in attendance at an Obama fundraiser; though he was never actually there, several well-known news outlets reposted the tweets in their urgency to be first without ever concerning themselves with being correct.
This can be a dangerous phenomenon, as Anthony Ferla well knows.  False information isn’t just wrong, it’s damaging to credibility and smothers real information underneath it.  Some fact-checking is important.
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