Anthony Ferla: DO!

Posted on June 15, 2012


If you’ve been reading along this week, Anthony Ferla has been talking about David Allen’s method: Getting Things done.  This is primarily a five step process.  We’ve discussed collecting potential actionable items, making decisions about them, and organzing the results of those decisions.  For a method called Getting Things Done, actually DOING takes a surprising amount of time to discuss, but is the core of the process and should ideally take the most time in an effectively functioning system.

Anthony Ferla knows the importance of actually doing, but also knows the challenges to getting stuff accomplished: the meetings, phone calls, and other unexpected obstacles to accomplishing things.  However, GTD carefully organizes these items and suggests ways to accomplish them in the small pockets of available time a day.  Being prepared with material that needs to be read to fill dead space before a meeting starts, scheduling filing for later in the afternoon and heavy thinking for earlier in the morning when we are alert are some of the ways he suggest effectively dealing with problems.  He also suggest that there are four major obstacles to accomplishing activity, and recommends ways to avoid them.

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