Anthony Ferla: The Collection Habit

Posted on June 12, 2012


This week, Anthony Ferla is talking about Getting Things Done, a method espoused by David Allen.  GTD starts with the collection habit.  Very simply, this means setting up buckets to collect EVERYTHING which calls your attention in one way or another.  There will be more than one of these buckets, and there needs to be enough to them to ensure you can collect anything, but few enough that you can effectively control all of them.  This will vary by the person, but at the very least typically consists of an e-mail inbox and a paper inbox.

The only purpose of these boxes are to collect items that might require some action on your part.  While collecting these objects, it is important not to make the decision on the item during the collection, but simply drop it in its appropriate location.  These collection buckets should be set up wherever you typically work including your home, work, car, and online sources.  If it requires action, your Facebook conversations might even qualify as collection point.  In Anthony Ferla’s life, one common collection point is his text messages, something that would not have been true for previous generations.

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