Anthony Ferla: Changing In College

Posted on June 9, 2012


College planning is tough for anybody, but Anthony Ferla knows that you can take lessons from books like “Who Moved My Cheese?” to make it easier.  This book is all about looking at change as a natural, inevitable part of life and being able to shift with it.  In a world where professionals are changing careers as rapidly as their grandparents shifted jobs, change is only growing more aggressive.  College is no exception to this rule; highly sought after colleges are rejecting the vast number of first time applications.  Syracuse University rejected 87% of the applications they received for the incoming freshman class.

So what does Anthony Ferla recommend you do when faced with such steep odds.  Grades and extra-curricular activities are important, but you can also gain a little perspective on the process from “Who Moved My Cheese?”  Know that things will change, monitor the rate of change, adapt to the change, enjoy it, and prepare for it to change again.  If you didn’t get accepted to a school on your first time out, there are other options.  If you did get accepted to the school, you need to be ready to take advantage of the opportunity while recognizing that you may change your mind about wanting to go or what you want to accomplish while you are there.  Changing majors and schools is very common, and is part of the process of being in school.

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