Anthony Ferla: Leadership and Change

Posted on June 6, 2012


This week, Anthony Ferla is discussing leadership and specifically dealing the change inherent to such responsibility.  We’ve been touching on a #1 best-seller “Who Moved My Cheese?” and you can find a summation in our previous two blog posts.  So how can you deal with change in a smart way?

There’s a couple of ways Anthony Ferla goes about it.  First, don’t wait for the big changes to smack you upside the head and completely take you by surprise.  There are almost always hints and smaller changes that precede a major change.  While that major change is not always a good one (i.e. getting fired), ignoring the warning signs will make the upheaval much more difficult to deal with.  If you’re getting negative performance reviews, a new boss, whispers of downsizing, deal with them in professional and appropriate manners, and always consider the “What if?” scenario.  In the firing example, there are steps you can take ahead of time to prevent it from being a complete catastrophe, most notably networking.  Make time for your friends and professional colleagues so you can make the change.   Even if you aren’t fired, this contact can open up opportunities for you

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