Anthony Ferla: College For A Career

Posted on May 31, 2012


Anthony Ferla knows the importance of college planning. Though he played football at a collegiate level, he was very aware that playing at a professional level might not be an option, and he took advantage of his time in college to apply himself both on and off the field to gain a well-rounded experience for future employment.

While he’s employed as a marketing manager himself, he knows the chain does not end with him. With unemployment for new college graduates steadily rising, he now takes the time to help others with college planning. Ferla knows that it’s not just about getting into college, it’s what you do while you are there that helps you to get a job.

To this end, Anthony shares his own college experiences with the younger generation. Ferla tells them that going to class and having fun are important, but it’s also important to be involved in and off the campus with volunteer work that strengthens the community and builds network contacts. Anthony Ferla also focuses on helping teenagers afford college and points out scholarships and grants that may make it possible. While not everyone can get one scholarship that will pay for everything, careful balancing of smaller scholarship and grants can really add up.

Anthony Ferla can be reached in the comments below.

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