Anthony Ferla: The Balance of Leadership

Posted on May 24, 2012


Anthony Ferla has a well-developed balance of education and physical fitness that lends itself well to leadership. One common tenet of leadership is the concept of leading from the front and never asking someone to do what you would not be willing to do yourself. However, the will to accomplish a task is not always the same as the capability to accomplish the task, and while nobody can do everything, the careful balance of mental and physical development allows one to do more than a solitary focus in either discipline could accomplish alone.

A great example of the meld between the two occurs in sports. While playing for Temple, Anthony Ferla was a three year starter. More telling was his being named a team captain, the first sophomore in Temple history to accomplish that feat. This reflects a work ethic and an ability to make a plan that you can convince others to follow through on.

These are important qualities within the business world. Physical fitness is not simply about who can lift the heaviest weights. It is a reflection of a work ethic, an acknowledgement that the brain is a physical organ that requires proper care. If nothing else, it sets an example for others that it is possible and important to maintain your health, and by extension allow for a clear and focused head while making decisions.

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